Charisse  - Capturing Moments . . . Preserving Memories

Since I was a little girl, no art form has captivated me like photography. My dad could not have imagined the seeds he was sowing for the love of photography by simply having me hold his Polaroid images.  I still remember the subtle smell of the processing chemicals as we slowly revealed the image underneath.                    
During my high school days I had the opportunity to learn my way around a dark room.  I was too shy to actually join those whose images I would process the following week, who 'worked the sidelines' during Friday night football games with their 35mm SLR film cameras.  But . . . everything has its season!

One spring day the artist within me began to awaken while eating lunch outside with my three precious little girls.  Noticing our oldest daughter (five at the time) looking studiously across the yard, I asked, "What are you looking at, Katy?" I was amazed at her answer.  She told me she was looking at 'those shadows over there'.  Shadows, I thought. . . I've never (really) studied shadows before!  In a moment I realized I could learn to see the world (again) through the eyes of a child.            
I have been pursuing portrait photography since that time!
When sunlight danced upon our little girls' hair, everything around them seemed more beautiful.  As I have watched them grow into beautiful young women, I have become fascinated with the beauty within women of every age.  Beauty so worth capturing for the generations which may follow.   

Through it all, nothing matches the beautiful quality of light God has given us! Perhaps my passion for working with that light will lead you to my natural light studio, garden, or another location special to you, to photograph someone you love.  
I owe my passion for portrait work to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  His blessings to us of our beautiful daughters and now, our first grandchild (another girl) have been my greatest inspiration toward excellence in portrait work.  

I dedicate my life, my interests, and professional pursuits to honoring His Name.     

Please visit my Contact page if you have any comments you would like to share with me.  
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